"Source" field of the "Copy Range" and "Fill Range" activities of Excel

Has anyone noticed some limitations of the formulas that one could use in the “Source” field of the “Copy Range” or “Fill Range” Excel activities?

For example this formula that works perfectly fine in the “Destination” field doe snot work in the “Source” field:
Excel.Sheet(“Sheet2”).Range(“A”+Saved.Values(Of ExcelValue)(“LastRow”))

I’ve tried several times to give a dynamic formula that copies all the info from a file in which we found the last row based on the “LastRaw” stored value for later use and it did not work.

I tried after that to copy the whole spreadsheet or just from a given range of columns (for example: Excel2.Sheet(“Consolidated”). Range(“A:V”)) and it still did not work although there was no error registered when writing the formula in the “Source” field. The error came only when running the BOT itself. So, I wonder whether this is a limitation of the UiPathStudioX.

Did anyone else experience the same?
What solution have you found?
Thank you!


Do you mean it throws an exception or doesn’t work as you expect?
In my environment, it works without an exception.


Thank you for your feedback, Yoichi.
It simply does not work in my Community version.
No idea why.
All the best,