Source control: connecting UiPath Studio to VSTS?

Hi there,

I understand UiPath Studio supports TFS up to TFS 2015. Unfortunately TFS is being phased out in our organization.

Is it somehow possible to use VSTS with UiPath Studio?



Yes (we’re using it), as long as repositories are using Team Foundation Version Control and not Git.
You should be able to connect and work pretty much the same way you were doing before.


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Thanks for the answer!

According to the website only TFS, up to TFS 2015 is supported. Is there any risk involved in using VSTS? Since it’s formally not on the compatibility list.

When we were evaluating this end result was that there’s very little risk - worst case scenario is that UiPath will no longer directly integrate with VSTS correctly, which basically means that we’ll switch to tools like Team Explorer and the like to manage sources (which btw is good to have anyway, as it offers many more options that you can’t do directly from UiPath).
So at least from our perspective risk is slim-to-none, without a crippling effect even if it realizes.

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Thank you. :slight_smile: I’ve successfully connected UiPath Studio to VSTS.

One last question haha… In VSTS, do you create a new project per robot (probably with just one team working on it)? Or a “UiPath” project with all your robots in it? I’m guessing the former but since I am not familiar with VSTS I thought I’d ask.

Basically a “project per project”, but YMMV.
A lot depends on do you use direct integration within UiStudio (repo becomes your project) or external tools (fine-grained control, can have less VSTS projects as you have more direct control of what’s where).

So, inorder to check in ABC project from Uipath, then I need to create ABC project in VSTS, to connect directly?
Is there any other way to branch out in a single project in VSTS, which can hold several sub projects from Uipath?