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Is it a common practice to add a source control layer (like Microsoft TFS or Git). If yes who is responsible for setting this up ?

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That was a nice question. Usually, a workflow or a project can be developed or modified by many other developers in the team. So, for keeping a track of everything and in order to maintain a version of changes we did for a single project we use Source Version Controllers.

Answering to this, Yes it is a common practice, if there are lot of developers or even a single guy is developing because we will have a track of records for every change we did in entire project.

Ofcourse Git is a open source, we can use that by creating our OWN repo and adding the code to that. I don’t know much about TFS. As I hope, every company or a team will have a individual SVN servers in their environment which is dedicated for their developers with individual repo’s for individual projects.

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Dimensions let’s go one by one

See usually these source controls are used when the number of resources are more in the field and a single project is developed by many. Like if I m doing a change in the process and if you want to Make a change as well either of us would be aware of the changes made and it would let others connected to this source control, to know what’s happens around, what changes were made and who made the changes everything
So it’s usually used when a single project or a process is been developed by many together

And for this

Uipath supports all like GIT, TFS and SVN were both are centralized source control.
It’s not like someone who does in particular. Any one can initiate and it goes like a chain if our project is added to the repository then every one can access that who are all connected
—and each one will upload their new packages to the repository to let others access

Note : While we won’t be able to connect with all the three GIT,TFS or SVN

And for more details on this

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