Sorting of column

If I have a column named Total with values such as 50,-100,600, -600,100, -50 and I need the final result of column Total to be 50,-50,100,-100,600,-600.

Did you try Sort Datable activity

yes , but did not get the desired output

Give a try at the following:

dtSorted =

(From d in YourDataTable.AsEnumerable
Let it = CInt(d("Total").toString.Trim)
Group d by k = Math.Abs(it) into grp=Group
Order by k
From g in grp
Order by CInt(g("Total").toString.Trim) DESCENDING
Select r = g).CopyToDataTable
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Try This:

sortedDataTable = (From row In inputDataTable.AsEnumerable()
                   Order By Math.Abs(CInt(row("Total"))) Ascending
                   Select row).CopyToDataTable()

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its working thanks you

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Can you check for us also with this set?
-50,-100,-600, 600,100, 50

As from description you would expect:
50,-50,100,-100,600,-600 in exact this ordering, right?

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