Sorting is not happening in excel

Hi All,

i am having one issue, where the bot is trying to sort the files and while running in debug mode it is working fine, but when i see the output it is not able to sort it.

Need urgent help.

Thanks in Advance


Can you share your workflow or maybe a screenshot?

DatToExcelCldConversion.xaml (47.5 KB)

get a chance to see?

I see you’ve got more than 1 sort activity, which is causing an issue for you? I’m not able to run your flow since I don’t have the setup.


Sometimes, debug mode may introduce pauses or delays due to breakpoints, which can affect the timing of your automation. Make sure your workflow accounts for timing and waits when necessary.
Check if there are any environment differences between debug and run modes. Ensure that any external dependencies, such as file locations or network connections, are accessible and consistent in both modes.
Check if you are using parallel processing activities, which may behave differently in debug and run modes.