Sorting error!


hello guys, i’m getting this error while trying to sort base on count. it works perfectly fine without sort, why am i getting this error ?


i tried using IPAttTable.Columns(Count) , but it shows this

Hello @RobertoEwaldo,
remove column property, and add Name property as “Count”.

i also tried this, but it shows the same, column name invalid etc

use IPAttTable.Columns(Count-2)

Try This

it works bro, thank you !! Can you please explain why use Count-2 ?

your second reply shows that column 3 not exist.
so, your count variable hold value 3.
based on your Data table “Count” column index is 1.
count - 2 will point to “Count” column

I don’t know how you got count value as 3. if used like this,
count = IPAttTable.Columns.count
count will hold 2

if i make new sequence and input data to datatable manually like yours, it worked. but when i try it with my work (datatable from read sheet excel) it didn’t work (column is not set or invalid)

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