Sort File by Spesific file name

hello im new in uipath and this is my first question
i have document file in folder

and i want to order by spesific filename like this and upload it by the order

Thank u

i want full path output not only the name of the file.
c:.….…\Filename.pdf if i use for each the output will get file in the first row

@Aldhyt_Wirangga1 Welcome to the community.

For sorting your data it can be possible with either ascending or descending

You have to make your file names in that pattern to get what you wanted

is there other way to process file with spesific filename ?

Hi @Aldhyt_Wirangga1

i am not cleared with the order u need as output ?

seems not be a ascending or descending order?

oh sorry i just want to process my files by the name like my examples u got it?

It seems that u had to manually provide the file names as input to ur robot and then upload it