Sort elements in a excel document and save it in a new sheet

Hi everyone,
i just beginn with uipath and i have some isues with a Task i got. I have a Excel document with differents types of element inside and i want to extract all the Elements per cathogory and save each of them in a new sheet.
i tried with try catch activity , using .ToString.Sum but i didn’t knew what ecxatly to write. i also use sort table etc… but i failed. i will very appreciate your heps.(sorry for my english, i am not a native Speaker :slight_smile: )
if i want for example to cathegorize the fruits in this table and save each of them in a new sheet how can i do that?
thanks in advance.

Can you please attach the excel file

Refer this it might help you


here it is

please drag and drop the excel file

@4ever, Welcome to community :slight_smile: You are in the right place to clarify things.

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Dom :slight_smile:

fruits.xlsx (8.2 KB)

allright @Dominic thank you for your advice :slight_smile:

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conserning the defaultview (“[Name] ASC, [Index No] Desc”):

  • In [Name] ASC : i suppose i have to write what i want to sort. for example Mango
  • [Index No]: should i just give a big number and make sure that is bigger than the number of element i have? because in case i have a very big list, i wont know exactly the number of Elements inside the table.
    when i try with defautview i have this exeption:

here is the data

sort table fruit.xaml (10.4 KB)

Hi @4ever,
use this
sort table fruit.xaml (10.3 KB)


@MAHESH1 @arivu96 @Dominic The solution you Said is fine for current scenario. I got one doubt what happens if there is huge data of different names of string type we cant hard code like sort by “mango” or “Apple”

like this :grinning:
DataTable.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(row) row(“fruit”).ToString = “apple”).CopyToDataTable()


I didn’t understand your requirement properly.
I will explain you what i understand

Do you want to get the rows having apple and paste it in a sheet and Mango in different sheetand Orange in diffrent sheet .

Sorry If Iam wrong.


I understand upto sorting. how to extract each type of fruit and generate Excel file.If there a countless type of fruit

Hi @arivu96
i have the same exeption’s message

it seem like there is a Problem in the first Assign activity

try this Query
First Read your excel sheet and store it in a datatable dta

Collection=(From p In dta.Select()
Group p by Fruit=p.Item(“Fruit”).ToString Into Group
Select Group)

Collection type should be IEnumerable<IEnumerable< DataRows>

Then Run For Each for the collection The element type should be IEnumerable
Then Inside that Convert Item.CopyToDataTable and use the same to write in excel sheet.
Loop in such a way that it should write in different excel sheet