Sort DataTable Activity

Hi, can anyone help me about how to sort the data table using “Sort DataTable” Activity.
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Likith Rajesh.

Just give the input data table you have in the input property and declare a new variable in the output.

And mention any one of the property like, column Name or index or Column in the properties so that the table will be sorted based on the input you give :slight_smile:

One more important thing is :

  1. Column is the input, if you are reading the data from a datatable column wise , then if you want to pass the input of type,pass it
  2. Name is the column name
  3. Index is the column Index in the data table

@HareeshMR Yes Exactly I did the same thing. But when I am declaring Name I am getting an error " Name value is empty or Invalid"

Please check if your column name have some spaces @likith_rajesh

try copy and pasting the column name or the index of the column.

Yeah Fine Its working :smiley: and one more thing is How to pass Column Value?

if you want to pass the column when you are looping through the columns in the data table, you need to pass the argument of type @likith_rajesh

Post if you have no questions.

Glad to help @likith_rajesh

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Thanks @HareeshMR Its working.

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