Sort and select numbers

Hi, im a real noob to this and im trying hard just to get started with some simple things.
i have created a flowchart with a number of activities that basically opens our system and clicks a number off buttons. at one stage i have created a click that sorts the numbers in a window but i want choose numbers larger than 500 image

thanks Erik

One option, and there will be a couple for this, is to use the Find Children activity on that list, then apply the filter property to return all selectors which have a value greater than 500. Then cycle through that list in a for each activity and send a hotkey (Ctrl+C) to each of those selectors so that they are all highlighted.

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Hi and thanks for the reply but im still learning on the fly, i was thinking that with your suggestion i could find the 500 number then click it then after that i can insert a hotkey and do a “shift-end” to mark them all.
but i really dont know what to put in the child command?

Change the scope to FIND_DESCENDANTS first off.

Target the full list of values for the activity.

Then create a variable - e.g. “Children” - to output the list.

That output holds a list of all elements contained in that list. You can output the selectors via For Each Loop.

FOR EACH child IN children

WriteLine: child.selector.tostring

By doing that you can identify which selectors are relevant for the values you need. You can then adjust the FindChildren activity to return only those values that have values > 500


Sorry, its a bit of a long winded solution. I would really need access to a similar list to show you a worked example.

Actually here is one I showed another user. It simply filters a webpage for selectors related to seller names. It may help.Main.xaml (11.5 KB)