Sometime stuck when use excel scope [Error opening a workbook,make sure excel is installed]

When a run process has loop use excel scope about 20-30 times
With a period of approximately 10 seconds, not consecutive the end of flow has Close workbook

sometime robot will be stuck when open excel and has Error Message : Excel Scope activity: Error opening a workbook, make sure excel is installed

Do you have any suggestions for solving the problem?

UiPath Studio Enterpise 2019.4.4

Every single time you use an excel scope it is instantiated and then it will access the file.

Why dont you try workbook activities. Or the shortcut would be to use a kill process activity with some delay and ContinueOnError property as true.

Because I have to invoke vba for excel and I try to kill process before open excel scope
I dont know why still happen.

Try updating package to latest version (stable strict) and also dont keep the checkbox visible and use kill process both before and after with a delay (if macro is big use hard-coded delay of 5 seconds before kill process activity)

try and revert please.

Try Adding a Delay after the KILL Process activity and see if you are still facing the issue.

Also, there could be issues with regedit for your 32 bit, 64 bit installations which is preventing UiPath from recognizing it.
Please refer to this link : Error opening workbook. Make sure Excel is installed
Seems helpful!

Try opening the excel application scope in the start and do whatever you are doing inside it, which will open the excel once and do the process within

It cannot because my task one file per one job, not same file

Oh … got it @pondyondaime
Give a last try giving the delay after killing process and opening new file :slight_smile:

Thank you, I will try and will tell you again.