Some unknown error after multiple execution of same package


I’ve published a package and trying to execute it on the orchestrator.
For the first 2-4 times its working fine, but later the job gets faulted and shows error in logs saying
“Could not find a part of … (some random file paths. For e.g. killallprocesses, gettransaction etc.”

Tried many times since few days but same issue.

Try running it from Studio. Probable reason could be that you might have changed folder in which you have put this file, but when “Invoke workflow” is used there paths may not have been updated.

Also check if invke workflow has got any absolute path, generally it should have relative path.

Thank you for the response.
But actually it works fine for 2-3 times and then suddenly stops with this error.

It would be more helpful if you can post some more error details like exact error from log or screenshot of the same from machine on which Bot is running.

*Message: Could not find a part of the path ‘[…]*