Some tables are recognized in Abbyy but not recognized in Uipath

Hello everyone!

I have a question regarding Abbyy Flexicapture 12 - and UiPath:

I am extracting data from Arabic Invoices(each invoice contains two tables).
Both tables are extarcted ( 7 for Table1 and 7 for Table2)as shown in Abbyy Administration Station but when data are extarcted from Uipath using Abbyy Engine, only 5 out of 7 from Table1 and 7 out of 7 from Table2 are extracted which means data is missing.

I tried to output datatable to check the two tables for each invoice but same result: Table 1 has two tables missing).

You can find below Flexicapture project and screenshot from UiPath.

Kindly advise if we can fix this issue.

Thank you in advance!

Invoice Arabic Final Test.7z (428.0 KB)