"Some problems were encountered" UiPath Certificate

This is the pop-up message that greets me. If anyone knows how to handle this situation I have 1 hour to find it

Try to re-upload the file.

Karthik Byggari

I tried reuploading from the same browser, different browser, the 3rd browser, restarted the pc and went through the browsers again. Just to top it off, used another pc to upload, all in vein, no help :frowning:

First time what error you got while uploading the file. Is it the same or different?

Every time the error occurs, its exactly this one

@loginerror @Pablito Can you please assist. Thank you.

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Kindly clear the cache and try once

Cheers @Ruhat_Sengul

Problem still persists…

@Palaniyappan I even did the unthinkable, tried to upload it from a mac using safari as the browser now, as you can guess, no luck there either :confused:

Hi @Ruhat_Sengul,
I will inform proper team to take a look on that. I will let you know if I will have any update on this :slight_smile:


Cheers @Pablito

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You marked it as a solution. Is all working now?

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@Pablito Had 2 reason to mark it as solved, first one is you informed the proper team to look into this and there is nothing left for us to do to fasten the process for a fix. The second reason is, I stomped the upload button for 1 hour straight, didn’t had any luck and left the computer 5 minutes left on the timer and when I checked back, the upload was successful and I was certified. A little later I have talked with @KarthikByggari and he also said that his first attempt was not a success due to the same error. Somehow I was able to upload the file after an hour of try but at the very least this error is not exclusive to me and happened to at least one other member. My weird and unexpected fix was lucky at best


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