Some problem submitting Assign 1 (Calculate Client,,,,)

I have a problem submitting Assignment 1 ( Calculate Client,)
First 2~3 times I uploaded zip files. The result failed.
So, I uploaded video ( about 6 minutes long).
If see the video The item is 19. and all completed.
But the result says " Total Items: 16 Completed Items: 0 Correct Items: 0 "

I don’t know what to do?

Check if you are updating with the right hash in the comments.
And also do not reset the data after submitting the assignment until evaluation.

Karthik Byggari


You mean “to reset Test Data” ?
I’ve done completely and submit my assignment.
But the result is same.

Thank for your kind response.
Sincerely yours,

Are you updating the correct workitems? You are doing 19 while Uipath thinks there are only 16 to do.

Also don’t reset your testdata after completing the items.

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I’m just tried again with the downloaded file from UIPATH I’ve uploaded yesterday.

The result is same.

The transaction item is 12. ( Item Q’ty not always same ) (936.8 KB)

Robot_Gee-logs (3).xlsx (36.7 KB)

Please help me,
I’ve spent all three days to pass…
Thank you in advance…

Are you logging somewhere the hash code you use for each transaction?

I don’t understand what you mean? Please advise detailly.
Thank you.

I’ve checked the q’ty of “completed” — It is 15.

But evaluator always says 16.

What’s wrong???

Are you adding the hashcode and the data you are extracting from the workitem (country/name/id) into the log file with the following activity. It’s possible that there is a mistake in the extracted data…


I’ll try and gibe you feed back.

The output of Log message is like this.

Log message ; clientID + clientName + clientcontry

OZ56329Anna DudasRomania
CX76110Mirian DerosierGermany
RN58561Alvaro DashFrance
NC73296Keshia PentecostFrance

Please tell me problem.
Thank for your kind support…

These are in_Hash

PW19167-Lavinia Froehlich-Romania
UK18656-Raymond Crider-France
QS86336-Donn Chabot-Germany
AD55686-Digna Buffaloe-Germany

I’ve just catch a error code, in the “Sha1Online_GetHashCode” workflow.

But I don’t understand what it means.