Some of the values will not write correctly

Hello, the value in blue cells will not write although i have already specify the range in the Lookup Range activity. It’s definitely something to do with the Write Cell activity because when i write line the “excelRange” after the Lookup Range activity, it looked up correctly.

Screenshot 2023-08-12 152449

Screenshot 2023-08-12 141909
^the value 238.8 should appear in cell AC6 of the column Feb '23 and value 81 should appear in cell AD6 of the column Mar '23. But there’s nothing there. The rest of the values are able to write into the correct cell as shown for Nov '22.

Screenshot 2023-08-12 142702
^those 2 values will write into A1 instead. It shows 238.8 because it overwrite 81.

Screenshot 2023-08-12 142134


Can you please elaborate what is not nor working and what you tried


I think my expression in the write cell activity caused the issue. I’ve edited more on what happened

Hi, is any one avaliable to help me please?


I think it should be as the following.


If index is string variable which has row offset, the following will work.



Hi @helpplease ,

We would ask you to check on the values of the variables excelRange and index. Do also post them here.

This would help us further on providing proper suggestions.

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