Some issues with publishing to orchestrator

The problem is that my script working from studio but in most cases it does not work after publishing and start from robot’s machine. The selectors are same and systems same too, but the problems occurred. Sometimes it cannot find some selector or cannot attach to browser window. How can i solve this issues or avoid them in future?
I’m working with 2018.1.7 studio

Thanks in advance

Hi @GeorgeRSB

The issue you are encountering is very likely to be related to differences between environments.
They may not be so obvious at first look, the system may look the same but have different settings applied.

This is the reason why most companies are approaching RPA development on a Virtual machine (Windows server or VDI) and have their dev/test environments mirroring production system and settings.

One good way to do so is to, for example, enforce settings using Group policies or other similar approaches that your IT can help you with.