Some Extra text is being added inside the file while sending it to server using http call activity

Hello community,
While I was trying to send a file using http request activity ,uipath is adding some extra text to the file which is changing the information inside the file.
My file originally looks like

And when after Sending it via http request activity it looks like

And my http call activity looks like
1st call=

2nd call=

Please suggest me some way to remove this extra text …due o this am not able to get the file on rat destination…

These lines are added by the HTTP activity I think.
Try removing the content type in the 1st call and see if the line is not there in the text file after sending.
Let me know how it goes.

@pratik.santani I tried it but now am not even able to upload the file

@pratik.santani got any idea how to fix this ?

I am still looking around, but haven’t found anything yet!

@pratik.santani anything that you want me to try that you think might fix the issue?

Is there any way to avoid this issue?

Sorry but I couldn’t find the reason behind it :frowning: