Some explanation for the UiPath DB columns

I am trying to create a report for the failed QueueItems and then automatically get the job logs of the respective job in which the queueitem was processed. I see that there are two columns in the database , under dbo.queueitems, which are named, CreatorJobId and ExecutorJobId. Are these somehow related to the column so that i can create a join with the exception queue item and then match it with the logs with the job id and get the respective job logs from the dbo.logs column?


These are not directly related but are related to the users which executed the queue item…and you have to find the intermitent table of users and the jobs to get to the job details of that user…

which might need the process details as well


Have you considered using the Orchestrator API to get this data instead of connecting directly to the database?

Based on the structure of the db, i think that the queue items and jobs are linked, because we have ONE service account that executes the robots. The thing is by logic, the queue item must be linked to a job that executes it , so that the status is recorded within that specific job log.


Yes indeed, but this is not connecting to orch, this is queries to run on our DWH ,as orchestrator is not made to handle requests for reports


By logic queue items need the details yes…but if you see in queue items in orch generally users are displayed and in jobs also you get that display…so ideally that should be an intemittent table…because any job can be linked to any queue…


A queue item can be processed by multiple different jobs, though.