Some cells not working

In StudioX, like to creat a pivvot table from a sheet where rows counts change frequently.
how to manage pivvot table for change rows i?

@Prinal_C - Using “Format As Table” table acivity first certain range (where you have data currently) needs to be selected and named.

Then in the pivot table activity that table needs to be given as the data source.

Check this video for an idea.

@prasath17 Thank u. Helpful. I have average row entry in sheet. do no want average in pivvot sheet

@Prinal_C - could you please show a sample ?

Also you can try playing around that with excel as per video if it works then you can try the same in StudioX.


I see Average… no want in pivvot. cannot delete.

@Prinal_C - I think what you shared is the pivot table…i was actually interested in seeing your data source for this…

@prasath17 … table data

@Prinal_C - you should not select the Avg Rows when creating the table…Please see the screenshot of the table and the Pivot…

Once it is done, if any rows added/inserted before Avg row…it will be added to Pivot after refreshing…

Hope this helps…

In StudioX pivvot getting average from table. I dont want averag but wan table.

@Prinal_C - Please try like this…

My Output

Hope this helps…

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