Some cell show null after add data row


At first, i do a add data row in checking unatuhorised email, then i go to the checking repeat submission. After i found the repeat submission email, i do a add data row but the result show in image 3, the first four row which writen with unauthorised email was blank. Can help me solve this problem pls

@Wei_Ji_Kwok when you used Unauthorised Email then you did not give any thing in “Repaeat Submission Email”
Its mean you utilized these rows.
when you used second time it start adding from new rows which is completely empty.

orhhh i see, so instead of add data row, i should use update data row?

@Wei_Ji_Kwok yes you will update datatable column

but this two erroe show

please give row also

please check here.

Thank you so much, i found the way to solve my problem

@Wei_Ji_Kwok welcome. Happy Automation

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