Some activities works fine in one machine and showing error in another machine


One particular type into activity is not working when i run in different machine but it works fine in my development machine, I have checked the selectors it has no issues, the issue is the variable I gave in that type info returns empty when I run, i have given logged that variable before that activities it’s not empty… I have no ideal on this please help me on this…thanks in advance

Hi @Udhaya_suriya_Umapathy,

the application you have automated is it same for dev and prod meaning the environment is same for dev and prod? if the env. would be different selectors can vary.


Hi @Udhaya_suriya_Umapathy

Check with the scope of the variable wheather it’s duplicated by seeing in variable panel

Try giving delay between characters in type into activity!


@pravin_calvin thanks for your response, there is no duplicate variable given and I also gavr 200 milleseconds in delay between it’s still not working

@Shikhar_Tandon both the environment or same and the application I have used is also same but still not working… Selector is not a issues

hi try to log it just before you use the variable , if somehow its suddeenly get empty maybe theres an acitivty somewhere where you re assign the values

Already tried that too, I have given the log messages activities before that type info and checked, it enters the value…

can we see the type into ,and its properties?


Hi @Udhaya_suriya_Umapathy

Have you tried without simulate type enabled!


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Yes @pravin_calvin I have tried that also

Hi try to make it hardcoded first to see wether it can actuallt type/indicate the field ,
if still unable to type ,try to re-indicate