Some activities are not showing controls

I opened a project from some months back. Some activities such as Click, Type Into, Goto URL are not showing any controls.
They appear like this:

Other activities seem ok.
I first noticed it on Invoke Workflow and found some posts advising to upgrade packages. that fixed it.

I installed the latest version of Studio. I upgraded all my packages. No luck.
I opened a new project and it works ok.

What could be the problem?


it might be because of the version differences

  1. Try to upgrade to the closest possible versions to the original version
  2. Try to rename the package folder in c:\users\username\.nuget folder and reopen the project



Downgrade your UiPath.system.Activities package to 22.4.5 from manage packages.

Hello @george.muammar

  1. Check UiPath.UIAutomation package version.
  2. Repair or reinstall UiPath Studio.
  3. Manually inspect XAML file for anomalies.
  4. Recreate the workflow in a new project.
  5. Compare package versions with a working project.
  6. Check Studio logs for error messages.

Thanks & Cheers!!!

Thanks to all for your replies. Frankly, I do not know what the original version of each package was, after I upgraded all to latest stable versions. Frankly, I don’t want to keep having to manage my package versions. I believe that the latest stable version should not have such an obvious bug.

In fact I had solved it by recreating the project which was actually much easier than I had expected. I just created a blank project, closed Studio. Copied over the files and reopened… (if I remember correctly didn’t have to do anything else).

Thanks all