Solving n-Factor authentication with the Studio Web UIAutomation Connection

One of the major challenges when automating web business applications while running robots in the Cloud is making the robot authenticate within business applications when executing the automation.

n-Factor authentication solution

Since the automation is executed unattended, out of the user’s view, it’s impossible for any user to log into the application every time the automation runs. nFactor application authentication, especially, raises even more challenges.

We are now providing a solution for this complex problem - we call it UI Automation Connection.

When creating the automation, the Use Browser activity offers a “Requires authentication” option that helps you log in once, while the robot restores the browser session at execution time.

Here’s how you can configure it:
adding_uia_connection (1)

Dealing with annoying popups

Another cool function of this feature is making sure the browser is in the right state at execution time.

Keep in mind that when running from Studio Web the execution is done in the Cloud, serverless. Since the execution machine is always a new one, the browser is always in a fresh state and you might see popups at execution time like the one below, causing your automation to fail.

You can now use the Use Browser → ”Requires authentication” feature to put the browser in the right state, when building the workflow. Then, the robot will make sure the same state is set when starting the automation.

This feature is available only in Studio Web via for you to test. Please give it a try and let us know how it worked!



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