Solved topics should not auto-close

When topics marked with a solution are auto-closed, it prevents us from adding to them later. We may have a better solution, info about it being caused by or solved in a particular version, etc.

Hi @postwick

The logic of the auto-close is to close the topic which:

  • received a solution mark
  • has not seen any activity for longer than 3 days

This is a measure against endless topics where users join it later on to pursue an answer to their own, only slightly related issue that should, in fact, be a new topic from the beginning.

If you would like to add to the topic, there are two ways:

  • flag it as Something Else for Forum Staff to open it for you
  • if your solution is universal, feel free to click the share icon, create a new topic and then post it to our Tutorial category, where it will benefit from higher priority placement in our search engine, while also notifying the original author about the fact that their topic was shared

Having said all that, it might be worth considering to increase the 3 days to a higher value. We’ll have a look :slight_smile:

I understand this, but I don’t think preventing this is worth that it also prevents relevant replies.

@postwick @loginerror

Hello Paul,
I think that automatic closing of answered posts is very important. Otherwise, you grant the possibility, even after years, to hijack old posts. This is a playground for spam. As Maciej wrote, you have the possibility to let it open to you via the forum moderators. That’s a fair offer. If you have a real interest, you have the possibility to bring in your additions.
Best regards