[Solved] Splunk search with rex value and more double quotes

Hi All,

I want to type into from UiPath studio to splunk search which has more double quotes UiPath giving compilation error. how to pass big splunk search query from UiPath? any leads would be appreciated.


Can you try single double quote as 2 double quotes as the following?

"""test phrase"""


This inputs "test phrase" into the sysytem.


“‘’” not working still getting compilation error


Which language do you use?
Can you share screenshot?


It is splunk search query

My intent is language of UiPath. VB or C#?
If VB double quote should be ""
If C# it’s \"



Double quotes more than one in front and last only accepting

Is it difficult to share screenshot?

Sorry it’s confidential office work that’s why


To isolate cause, can you try to set the following string as it is, in TypeInto activity ?

"""test phrase"""

Is there still compile error?



Can you replace the actual values and share the query that you are trying to put into…so that we can give you the correct syntax with doublequotes

Ideally every double quote needs to be escaped with an extra double quote

For example if you need to write "My height is 4'6"" this will give compilation error instead you need to escape the double quote inside rhe main fouble quotes that is the leaving the first and last

Correct one - "My height is 4'6"""

Hope this helps



You can use chr(34) instead " in your expression