[SOLVED] Sending Hotkey in its own task of workflow (Initial Error: "the target element was not specified for this activity")

Trying for a down-arrow command, to move down one cell in Excel. Gives me error that the Target is not selected. I am looking to re-use this command in a bigger picture loop, so this will not always occur in the same screen location. Anyone know how to make a re-usable down-arrow key command?


What activity are you using currently to perform down arrow action in excel?

You can use Hot Key activity as shown below.

I had tried that, but am getting this error:


Could you please upload your workflow?


picture #2 and #3 are switched in the actual order.

Not sure exactly why this worked, but checking the “SendWindowMessage” checkbox in the Send Hotkey properties fixed the issue.

I know you put a lot of thought into the response, but I’m not quite sure what your question is. But in answer to what I think your question is… no the error message did not make sense to me so I wasn’t sure how to troubleshoot it. I may not be a full-on programmer, but I do have quite a bit of experience with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. So I understand the basic programming principles. Thanks