(SOLVED) my decision does not work

Hey guys.

I’m still pretty new to UiPath.
currently I’m struggling with a decision:

the problem is: it doesn’t matter how the user choose at the beginnings request, it still just follows the false label.

how can I fix that?

kind regards

the decision

Hello @newuserx

Try to store the result in a variable or use this “druckerpapier”


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I’m using the variable “answer” for saving the result, or how do you mean that?

Hi @newuserx

May I know the variable types of druckerpapier and answer ?

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they are all strings :slight_smile:

@newuserx can you show a screeshot of the process of saving the result pls?

also try this answer = “druckerpapier”

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Answer=“Druckerpapier” let me know if it works

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the input dialog box, when I type into the result box "answer = “druckerpapier” it appears an error mark…


you are not assigning any value to druckerpapier that is the issue here
just you declared it

please add one assign activity after input dialog like this



@Karun damn, thank you! it works! :slight_smile:

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