[Solved] Level 3 - Assignment 2 Read Confirmation (Chrome)

Hey guys,

I am finishing up my last assignment for level 3, and I have encountered a bit of a problem.

In Assignment 2, when you upload the YearlyReportFile.xlsx you will get a pop-up message with a confirmation id that you have to copy and display in the output panel.
The problem that I am facing is that since I am using Google Chrome to create my automation, that popup is a script type and cannot be read as an element by UiPath.
I have gotten around this issue before by using Image Exists Activities and sending hotkeys.

Since I cannot select the confirmation message box the best solution in my opinion is to try and save the image and then use the text OCR reader to read the confirmation code.
What would be the most optional combination of activities that I could use to achieve that? or is there another way I could go about it? (Unless I have to change browsers which would be a hassle, so I would not prefer that route).

Chrome Extension is in fact installed and works properly.

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Hi @roman.markman

You can check the below post for the solution

Let know if this works out for you!!

Hey @Lahiru.Fernando,

Thanks for the tip, I did try to use that but it didn’t really work out so well for me for some reason (maybe I didn’t properly follow the instructions)

I also attempted to use the OCR strategy to read the text, unfortunately it wasn’t 100% accurate.

I did however find a way around it. In order to get the text, I used a double click image activity in order to highlight the text, and then used a get selected text activity to pass it into a variable.


I used the confirmation message as sort of an anchor and set the mouse position to the hashed string underneath by using “indicate point on screen”. In my opinion a fairly simple and effective way to go around this issue.

I hope that this can help others who might stumble upon the same issue.


Thanks @roman.markman for sharing the solution bro!! its nice to know that there is a workaround for this… :slight_smile:

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