Solved: Checking boxes in for each loop

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I am trying to check checkboxes in the attached for each loop. I search the row of the checkbox via the ‘aaname’ attribute, save it in a variable and select the checkbox in the relevant row. It works perfectly fine for the first item in my array but only for the first one. It doesn’t throw an error or anything for the second item but just doesn’t execute the check activity and the checkbox remains unchecked. This is not only for the second item but for all others too, it only works for the first item. I’ve already tried to go through my workflow step by step but couldn’t find the cause.

Does anyone have a suggestion what might cause this issue?

The selector of the ‘get attribute’:
" "

And the selector of the ‘check input’ activity:
" "

Many thanks in advance.

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You are using a Retry Scope rather than a for each loop.

If cycling through an array of selectors (your check boxes) best to use a for each loop

Sorry I’ve just taken the wrong screenshot I used a For each. But I’ve found the cause of the error I’ve put the lfdNummer=0 in the loop but of course it should be before the loop.

Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

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