*Solved but unhappy* ArgumentNullException with LoadScript when importing in pyhon

I add sys.path.append(‘absolute-path-to-project’), now the interpreter/UiPath can find my class files.
However the code should be able to find the files just fine without, so I would like someone to explain what is going wrong.

Using UiPath Enterprise Edition 2018.2.6
Python Pack version 1.1.6863.33404

I want to run a python script with custom classes from UiPath. The script works on its own.
But UiPath throws an error when I try to import classes that I write myself.

File structure:

|   Main.xaml
├─ /run_python


import logging.handlers
import sys
from config import dev_config as c
from tools import valid_xlsx

In UiPath:


UiPath crashes on line 3 and 4 when running the script. For some reason UiPath can’t handle local classes.

Maybe it time to upgrade to the latest version of UiPath?

Edit: doing that now

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I found the problem:
The attribute __file__ is None when UiPath runs. Should this be in a bug report?