Solve a Health Care Industry Use Case

In this Use Case, you combined quite a lot of automation techniques:

  • You used data extraction to extract URLs, and then you had the robot download multiple files.
  • You used data from the downloaded files to populate a Word template that you later used in an email body.
  • You used data from a downloaded file to populate the fields of an app.
  • You used a wildcard to replace a set of characters from an URL

How useful did you find these practices, and what will you use in your own task automation projects?

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Hi Can someone please help me with 2 things in the last topic, the insert Colum row as it will not work for me at all and the Download file as i can not get it to work, i am finding it so difficult to do these please if someone can do a zoom call with me to go through it.
Thank you,

Regarding the Health Use Case, I get this created the automation, first it had issues with my “next” button. Got that working, but then it shows an issue with it not finding the downloads files. Move File: Could not find file ‘C:\Users\C312754\Downloads\3d8a96d7-b2f4-4a21-82c0-5fe1c28e5f5d.tmp’. I tried my own, and I tried the Solution. I haven’t had a successful run. Working on it for hours… This is what I get when it opens the collected links rather than downloading them. image

Excel doc looks good. As far as I can tell it isn’t creating the downloads, therefore, nothing in the Appointments folder. I did however, get an email with nothing added to it, after skipping the important parts.

Last error received:
Something went wrong with an Action .
Activity Download File ( Get Last Downloaded File ) failed:

No file detected in “C:\Users\C312754\Downloads” during the timeout period (300 seconds). Increase the timeout if the file takes longer to download or check if the Downloads folder is correct.

You can find the activity following this path:

Main > Use Browser Edge: ACME System 1 - Medical > Excel For Each Row > Download File.

I’m definitely using the correct Download Folder, same one throughout the course. I’m wondering if because I use Microsoft Edge I’m having these issues. Every assignment has had weird Edge things to deal with. Its making my brain hurt.

I finally finished, this training does not take 4 or 5 hours a week, I had little time for myself after completing my work week, then do the training. I did not have the option of Download file, so I had to come up with some creative ways to download the files. Everything should be available for the training course. But yeah, I finished.

Takes long time to do. Need more practice…

Harder than planned… :roll_eyes:

Will you please inform how to extract URL rather than text while using “extract table data” in StudioX? Thank you