Solve a Finance Industry Use Case

This automation has given you a glimpse into a Finance and Accounting related automation. Regardless of working or not in the field, you might need to manipulate or compile data for various reasons: reporting, budgeting, invoicing, data analysis, these only being some examples.

Would you consider automating such tasks? Think of a use case of your own, would automation help you complete it faster?

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Hi Can someone please assist me with inserting line, it doesnt seem to be working maybe show through a zoom call, thank you

it is good to work if you provide some meeting link to Q&A

This one, completed the second run. I ran it yesterday and it made it through June of the first client and just stopped. I didn’t make any changes, just shut it down for the night and ran it today. It ran through all clients, all months. Great! I wish I could see a final reconciliation number sheet from UiPath to compare my numbers. I will assume the totals are all correct.

Another great assignment. Although, I probably won’t have a use for this type of automation, it gives me so many ideas, and so much understanding. And its FUN!

I don’t know if I would say FUN, but I got this to work, I did mine different than the solution but it worked. :slight_smile: