Solution status for the Forum Posts in the Home page


It would be nice to have the indication of the forum post solution status in the homepage/Search results.

It will help to look easily into the posts which are solved or not.

For example, (green dots are the posts with solution)

Feel free to Enhance/alter the idea.


@megharajky - This is a good idea! Having a green tick mark icon would make it more intuitive!

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Apologize if i missed something. There is already a checkbox to indicate if the post is solved. :thinking: Ex. 7th post in your screenshot having a checkbox right before the first word of the subject.

Rammohan B.


@Rammohan91 - Yes, I too observed this after my post. But I think instead of the checkbox, it would be visually more intuituve if we can use the same icon which is currently used for ‘Solved’ posts (also making it consistent).

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@loginerror @ovi what do you think?

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I think the icon could indeed be replaced with the green one. Alternatively, we could try to add a green overlay over topics that are marked as solved (similar to how we currently have a slight blue overlay for pinned posts).


@loginerror - Yes, a green icon and/or the overlay will certainly help to easily identify the solved posts.

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Stay tuned then :slight_smile: