UiPath solution to help the fight against COVID-19
UIPATH ROBOTS HELP FIGHT AGAINST COVID-19 … My biggest weekend challenge to date … UiPatther Jamie Cousins asked if UiPath RPA could be used to assist an HR Team to manage and monitor Employees around “Social Distancing” during the COVID-19 outbreak.

In the last 48 hours I hope I have addressed the challenge - see the video below.

HARI (the Health And Risk Inventory robot) will:

  1. Send out a daily request to all employees of an organisation requesting an update on their Temperature. The email replies will be added to a Master File.

  2. A weekly “Social Distancing” Survey (via a protected Excel) is automatically sent out to all employees and the results are emailed back. HARI adds the results to the Master file and calculates a Risk Indicator score for each employee.

  3. HARI checks outlook calendar meetings for face-to-face request and notified all attendees in advance of the companies “Social Distancing” policy.

  4. Survey Results can be viewed in Excel or as Charts etc