Solution design question

Hi team,
just a question about the solution design and the idea I now have of certain processes.

Assume that in case of semi-automatic processes, scheduled once a month, where the human must complete part of the input file manipulated by the robot in a first phase (and this can take up to a few days) what are the best practices or your view on this topic?

For example, an unattended robot(robot 1) create the input file and notify by email that the job is done. But what can be the trigger for the second step(robot2)? in case it was the reply email, “Job Done”, i need to have always a robot listening and so, in running…

Another option can be to schedule a process(robot2) after an agreed time, for example one day after robot1…

I would like to know your opinion about it and I would be grateful if you would recommend me some resources to read about this…

Thanks in advance


It’s pretty straight forward

Once robot 1 is done it will send a mail with a note JOB DONE
And it is already scheduled on some basis

As the robot 2 depends on the robot 1 output and it’s note JOB DONE, let’s keep the below activities atlast in the sequence of robot1

Delay for 10 mins (00:10:00)
Start job activity with process name of robot2

This will ensure that robot 2 has some input and also the note as JOB DONE

Robot 2 will have a input to process

So We have only one schedule for robot 1 while robot 1 itself will call the robot 2 once robot 1 process execution is over

Cheers @andreus91


If the second job (robot2) is not very urgent, I would look for the human’s reply email once a day. You don’t need to be always listening, right?

Then, if you find the email, do the second job either in robot2 or in another dedicated process.

A more elegant and scalable solution could be the use of unattended long-running processes in the background ( Background Process Automation ) in combination with humans using the Action Center ( UiPath Action Center ) to let robots know, they have completed a task.

I’m sure there are also some Academy courses on this.

Good luck!