Solution architect training

Hi team,

just a question, i’m an experencied uipath certified developer.

I’d like to reboot my skills about:

  • solution architect
  • infrastructure engineer

In addition to the courses already taken on the academy, I would need something more 'in-depth training, I have identified the following areas:

  1. License management in orchestrator
  2. Differences between on-prem & cloud orchestrator (and migration from one to the other)
  3. Orchestrator users management (active directory, action center permission & licenses)
  4. Libraries & compatibility
  5. Security

based on your experience with the role, I would ask you to suggest other topics that would be helpful in managing client needs.

Suggestions are also welcome regarding companies/consultant that provide courses on this subject for a fee.

Thanks in advance

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Hey @andreus91

Process assessment (Both technical & business perspective) will be one area which helps if you add it to the list !


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thanks for the reply, actually I already have experience on process and project management side, what I would like to focus on is more the infrastructural and technical part (orchestrator side), managing licenses, etc. in a deeper way

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