Software exception 0x0000409 in Adobe 11


We have a bot that downloads pdf files from Docusign and the volume of the process is very huge, say 1000. While downloading the files, I am getting an intermittent pop up as below. This must be Adobe 11 issue. I am not sure when exactly this pop up comes. How can I handle this pop up from UiPath? or is there a solution to fix this error from the adobe application side?




Use Parallel activity to handle this issue.
Use Element Exists activity and when ever this Pop up comes then use click activity to close it. Another flow is as it is continue your process.

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I am not sure when exactly this pop up appears. Where in my REframework should i include this parallel activity and what should be the timeoutMS of it assuming my each transaction takes 1 min to process.


At the time of processing PDF file only you will get it right. So use Parallel activity inside process.xaml file.