Soap request throws MissingMethodException

I’m trying to set up a SOAP request in Studio, but the following exception is coming up:

“Method ‘Ul2005Interface1Client.listOfFunds2’ not found.”
Exception Type: MissingMethodException

Fist I’ve noticed is that Studio extends the name of the endpoint with this string: “Client”. The correct endpont is: “”. The interface contains multiple methods, one of them called “listOfFunds2”.

Does anyone have an idea for solve this?



I was trying this URL but it does not look a secure link. Can you please share the certificate or steps to make it accessible without security error?

Also, did you try this in any other web api tools?



I’ve tried to set other web services and get the same message. All of them are working in SoapUI tool.
Anyway If I try to set the sample (weather API) or stg like that, it’s working.

The full URL of the wsdl:
You can use this without cert. I tested it with SoapUI, the following request XML is working:



As it requires a custom data type called DetRequest and we are not passing variable of that type, it is failing to make the call.
You will have to create some custom code to create a new namespace and import it. You can refer to below link for more details:


Could you solve your issue?

I have the scenario that you and I dont continue my development because when I try to send the request uipath show the same message “MissingMethodException”