SOAP request increase timeout

How can increase SOAP request time out.
I think default value 1 minute.How can do 2 mimute.

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Hi, are you having a timeout problem in which activity?

thanks bcorrea for fast answer.
We use SOAP Request activity in UIPath.WebAPI.Activitiies namespace.
We call the wcf web service method with this activity.Sometimes we getting timeout problem.In this case we want to increase timeout value.

You should increase the timeout in your config file like this:
<httpRuntime executionTimeout="36000"

Thanks.I will try

bcorrea I test again but 1 minute for WCF soap services timeout.I tried every thing.We must to set time out in uipath designer I think.

if you are using the studio to test, it will be the config file in the same path as the exe program…

Hi bcorrea.
I’m asking to understand clearly.
This config file is wcf webservice config file or anywhere else.
Can you explain the location of this config file