SOAP Error 500 : General Web Service Security Error

When sending a request to a WCF endpoint the error 500: General web service security error is displayed.

The Error 500: General web service security error is displayed when the WCF endpoint is expecting to see the time - stamp when the request is created.

It might directly work in SOAPUI when using “WSS TimeToLive = 1”, but it might fail when manually building the request in Studio. This happens, because when using the WSS TimeToLive = 1 in SOAPUI, this one automatically formats the request, but Studio activities do not have such capabilities.

Differences about how SoapUI automatically formats the request when running using “WSS TimeToLive” vs when not using it:


To also make it work in Studio, the TimeStamp needs to also be included in the request body, and should be in GMT time.