Soap activity issue!

Dears i have the below error while am trying to use soap action while from the soap ui its working fine any suggestions ?

There was an error downloading

while if am attaching the wsdl file its bring the methods and contracts !!

Hi @alialroomi

Check this

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Can you please let me know if the wsdl is SSO integrated ? You can simply send the request if you are able to see the methods and check if the output is correct.

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the wsdl has access which am providing by simple access , when i trying to get the method by using the url it not working but when i attache the wsdl file it is work i got the methods name but when i trying to invoke it i got error trying to download ! (

Browse the WSDL URL in browser and check if the endpoint URL is same as the one you are using in the HTTP request @alialroomi

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hey bro

sorry i was in vacation , yes i did and its the same , now i tried to load the wsdl file not using the url and its work to bring the methods,but when i tried to invoke its give me this error in the attach

Usually the error is with the asynchronous invoke in the code. Can you check where it is happening again. For more understanding, please google the error and some better explanation is available for the same :slight_smile:

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this error happen only from uipath soap activity , from browser wsdler its work fine or soap ui , however thanks for your help i think its related to the end service body , i will check and post the solution once i did

We have several topics with the same question @alialroomi . there was an issue in the activity it seems or something related to ajax request from the UiPath. Not sure about this, but whoever had the same question, they have the requests or wsdl working in soap UI but not in Uipath, Hope it will be resolved soon

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Hello Alialroomi,
I solved this problem using the http request, in my case when I call the login method I receivied a response header look like that:

HTTP/1.0 200 OK
Content-type: text/html
Set-Cookie: PHPSESSID=123

then when you call again another method, you need to attach the cookie to send your request this way the server undestand the you are authenticated , in http request activities there is one option for you input the cookie wen you send request look like that:

GET /spec.html HTTP/1.1
Cookie: PHPSESSID=123

on uipath activities you need to fill this way:
Name field:PHPSESSID
Value field:123