So, hypothetically, say I wanted to prank my college roommate

I’m building a workflow. It will go in and Grab from an excel file the entire script of Shrek. Somewhere in the ballpark of 2800 lines. After it pulls in that excel file into a datatable, a for each row begins and (attempts) to send an email to the specified user, with the body of the message being the next line of the script.

In this case, considering it sends an email per line, that would be 2800 emails sent over the course of the time the workflow runs (disclaimer: He and I have done things like this for years, it won’t be anything that will permanently harm or disrupt things, I hardly expect it to get past the spam filters.

The workflow threw this error when attempting to send a test message to my email:

and I am trying to get to the bottom of why it is doing this.

Hi @Jadda123876 welcome to forum

Did you enabled less secure apps in gmail before using smtp mail message activity?

Nived N

I did make sure that I had that enabled and ran it again and it still throws out the same error. I’m using on port 587 and I am working to use tls specifically, although if I need to use SSL I’m comfortable with that.

Hi @Jadda123876

Use port 465 and try