Snippets as a workflow


This would be awesome if we would have an option to call sippets as a invoked workflows rather than sequences.

Why is that useful:

  • At the moment I have prepared several snippets to use within our company. As it is invoked as a sequence, all annotations takes huge amount of space to display.

  • It is somewhat easier to assign variable in invoked workflow window than to do assign in a sequence where you have a logic underneath

  • If I use several same snippets in the same workflow, there is a chance of variables duplication, where in invoked workflow all variables are separated.

  • If snipped has to return a variable as an output, in a snippet You have to declare it as a variable within a scope of a sequence, when used it is necessary to re-assign a scope for variable to work as an OUT result. In invoked workflow You can just create OUT argument.

As always, there are workaround for this, but this is how I think snippets should be used. :slight_smile:

You can say, that for that we could just use libraries, but I find it hard to use effectively, because if any change is needed to the library, you can not just edit the logic, as you have already prepared activity which can not be edited.

Also, most of the time libraries has some internal error which changes the CurrentDirectory to nugget directory and by doing that cause a lot of problem for Parallel/Pick activities.

Thanks, I marked it for out team to have a look :slight_smile:

I see this as a usability issue of the Library support which could be improved if one could open both the library and the process at the same time. The CurrentDirectory issue should be fixed by now, in 20.10, but we’ll retest to confirm.

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