SMTP time out

I am trying to send mail via SMTP but it says time out, I updated the package and even tried to change the timeout to 60sec but still the same error. can anyone guide me for the same?

Hi @Anirudh_Tugawe,

you should check host and port are white listed in your local machine.


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Hi @Anirudh_Tugawe

Can you share the screenshot of the error?


Hello @Anirudh_Tugawe

  1. Drag and drop a Send SMTP Mail Message activity into your sequence.
  2. Configure the Send SMTP Mail Message activity with your SMTP server, port, credentials, sender, recipient, subject, and body.
  3. Connect the Send SMTP Mail Message activity to the start node of your sequence.

Thanks & Cheers!!!

Hi @Anirudh_Tugawe ,
You can use try catch
check your property of send STMP mail

be careful with “Post” and " server"


  1. First check the configuration if it is proper…or you are missing something
  2. Are there any firewall blocks on the ports?
  3. Open locals panel and exception details from there and check if you can see something different
  4. Increase the timeout more and check