SMTP Send Mails not Showing in Sent Folder

Hi, while sending mails via SMTP, sent emails are not showing in sent folder of the mail box.

There might be an issue with the mail sent out… Can you please check if the emails are being send ?

yes, the emails are being sent

Hey @ADITYA_MUKHERJEE did you figure this out. I’m having a similar issue.

I found no solution for it (yet). It also depends on the account.
When i use a normal IMAP account and use the send SMTP it doesn’t put the email in the sent folder.
When using a Gmail account, it does.

Other ways you coulde use that do work as expected:

  • Outlook email
  • Exchange email
  • Gmail

No…I am using an excel sheet with all the emails…once the mail is sent to a particular id the excel cell containing the email id is getting a change in colour.