SMTP Mail Message: An error occurred while attempting to establish an SSL or TLS connection

I am facing a peculiar error while sending email via SMTP. I could send email while testing on my windows machine, but when I run the process from orchestrator on test windows server I get the below error. Any inputs are much appreciated.
SMTP error

I tried below links to trouble shoot, Anti virus is active on test server and my windows machine.

We tried sending email via port 25 from test server, it went through without issue, but error occurs when sending via UiPath SMTP activity.

@ovidiuponoran please intervene

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@ovidiu.iliescu can you please advise?

@tadakamallar are you able to test it on your windows server? (without usage of orchestrator)
What are the differences within the mailapplication between your windows machine and the test server? Is the mailapplication and SSL certificates installed on the server and valid?

Check the eventviewer on the windows test server to see if you can find better errors on the issue

edit: also check this post about TLS on your server.

can you give us more information of how you are trying to run it?