SMTP Mail Formatting Issue

HI Team,
I am facing an issue with SMTP activity.

I have an input mail which contains an excel file to be validated. If the validation fails though, I have to send the entire mail as an attachment.
The bot is trying to save the input mail as an .eml file and sending this email as an attachment.

Whenever the bot runs on the dev env, the format of sending the mail is proper. I am able to open the excel file in the attachment as above.

Whenever the bot runs on prod however, the format gets destroyed with some html weird formatting. Even the attachments can’t be opened as above.

I tried to forward the mail itself without having to save it as an attachment.
Forwarding the mail doesn’t work either.

Has anyone faced this issue ?


smtp activity has property called IsBodyHtml, just see in your production code if this option is checked.
Also make sure mail packages are same in both environment,

Its not checked Reshma. And the body is not HTML. Its plaintext.