SMTP- gmail account

Thanks @balupad14, can I know what is there inside the zip file you have given?

Try changing the port number to 465 and give it a try.
let me know if it works.

OK abhyudai.

But am getting the following error if I give 465 port.

Hi @sushmithaelluru,

There is xl sheet with email. It reads the xl sheet will send the mail which comes from the xl sheet.

Then main sheet is SelectingRowsFromExcelMain.xmal


Hi @sushmithaelluru,

Here is simple example to send the mail from gmail.

File : (1.5 KB)


Ok @balupad14.

Am getting the below error, if I use the given zip @balupad14.

You have to give ur username and password of the Gmail email


Yes, @balupad14 if I give the username and password, am getting the below error.

This error is due to the wrong credentials.
Please check whether you have given correct credentials or not.

Thanks for the reply @abhyudai_munna.

But can I know the meaning of below screenshot.

It is due to Security Feature by Gmail for their accounts safety.If an app or device doesn’t meet our security standards, Google will block anyone who tries to sign in from that app or device. Because these apps and devices are easier to break into, blocking them helps keep your account safe.

So if you will access your account from the devices or methods which does not support latest security compliance which has been identified with google then you will get such error to secure your account.

so, you have two options:

Option 1: Install a more secure app that uses stronger security measures. All Google products, like Gmail, use the latest security measures.

Option 2: Change your settings to allow less secure apps into your account. We don’t recommend this option because it can make it easier for someone to break into your account. If you want to allow access anyway, follow these steps:

Go to the “Less secure apps” section of my Account.
Turn on Allow less secure apps. (Note: If your administrator has locked less secure app account access, this setting is hidden.)

Thanks much @abhyudai_munna. Can you once explain the second point!?

Ya, thanks @abhyudai_munna, now I got the output. Its working fine.

I think you got an Email from Gmail As “Review blocked sign-in attempt”
Go through that mail and it contains the link which I have provided n the previous reply.
You will get maximum details in that. :slight_smile:

Yes, I got an email.

@abhyudai_munna, if I attach csv file, it is showing as the below error,

The format I have given is “C:\Users\sushmi\Downloads\Test.csv” .


Given path is not correct please check it

I think I have given the correct format. Can I know how should I give the format?