Smtp excel attachment failed

Normal mail is sending through smpt but when i am trying to attach an excel file it taking so much time and ended up with no error and no attachment same with text file as well…plz assist

pass the entire FilePath and Try

I already given but still it’s not working

Sample_SMTP_Attachement.xaml (11.6 KB) check this sample @sarika_patil cheers

Thanks for your valuable inputs… everything is ok except one error i.e directory name is invalid although i have given right one.

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Its not going forward… stuck there only

send me your workflow

may i know the file size of that excel or text file sent
kindly ensure that those files are closed before sending via this activity
for that use KILL PROCESS activity and mention the processname as “EXCEL” or “NOTEPAD” so that it will close that application and then use this SMTP SEND MAIL activity

Cheers @sarika_patil